Chris Colfer is my Patronus
Hi my name is Roxie and I love you.
This is my Glee fandom tumblr. It is a place for me to flail and spam unashamedly and make stupid things.

Right now it mainly contains Chris Colfer and Darren Criss and Chris Colfer and Chris Colfer.

I ship Klaine and CrissColfer. And Zach Woodlee/world. And Braggins. I make crude jokes at inappropriate times. SPOILERS WILL HAPPEN HERE. Also maybe porn.

My personal tumblr is here. It's not actually much different, but if I can't have a myriad of unnecessary venues for vomiting information on the internet, then what is the point.

This is the tag for my graphics/gifs/drawings/writings/filth.

My PS3 network name is Tinstars.
My Pottermore name is CastleMarauder11.
Add me if your precious heart desires.
Ask me anything
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August 6th
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